Asia's debut album exploded onto the music scene in April,1982, with several Top 10 singles. In the end, it was the best selling album of that year. Featuring Geoff Downes on keyboards; Steve Howe on guitar; Carl Palmer on drums; and John Wetton on bass and lead vocals; Asia was the logical successor to their collective bands of the 70s – Yes, ELP, King Crimson, UK, and The Buggles. Labeled a "super-group" by critics and the media from the onset, it was a tag they had never asked for. Asia's music, and its rock'n'roll stage charisma, developed organically and effortlessly. Though all four men had seen chart-topping success in their previous bands, Asia had a special chemistry that fans and music industry insiders were quick to recognize. The original line-up of ASIA reformed in 2006. It was the first time the four original members had worked together in 23 years. They regrouped with no more expectations than to play a single, reunion tour. Now in its 7th reunion year, ASIA has completed several world tours; released three brilliant studio albums: (2008's Phoenix, 2010's Omega; 2012's XXX), as well as three live albums and DVDs, recorded in Japan, Italy and Britain, respectively. They have also released a documentary film called ASIA 30 YEARS ON, and an extensive box set. Steve Howe retired from ASIA to re-focus on YES and his solo projects. He has been replaced by up-and-coming young guitarist, Sam Coulson.

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